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Solutions for Call Centers

At Call Experts we offer PBX solutions that are more than a call centre
With our PBX systems, you can merge all call Centre solutions and unified communication in one single integrated system.
It uses the best-in-class automatic routing, effective agent tools, and up-to-date analytic reports, together with a superior phone system to power your business. It also features 3-way conferencing capabilities, call recording and call announce, visual voice mailbox and email notification.

Basic features

Automated call distribution

Our PBX systems allows you to connect with the right agents at the ideal time. It comes with features such as: time-based routing, choice-based routing with IVR, Aco queuing, simultaneous call distribution, fixed order call distribution (linear) and rotary call distribution.

Premium Features

Agent Supervisor portal

This feature provides your agents & supervisors with all the tools required in one single interface. With a dynamic, streamlined que panel it makes it easier for you and your staff to monitor traffic, check, and switch agent status, conduct call operations such as transfer, monitoring, drag and drop call management. Additional features include complete view of agent status, visualize active & waiting calls, full view of agent status and real time que metrics and role-based feature access control.

Instant performance snapshot

Allows your staff to discover up to the minute call center metrics, monitor key performance, real time monitoring, flexible calculation period and multi-screen display. Key features include: 17 key performance metrics, real time monitoring, flexible calculation time frame, customizable widgets, and multi-screen display.

Key Advantages

Self Service Options

Our systems provide a unique integration of a contact center platform with premium IVR and self-service prompts helps improve your customers’ experience. These capabilities can be used to provide the highest quality service, make targeted marketing campaigns, or to analyze conversations between your agents and callers to reveal important patterns. More than ever before, businesses are realizing the benefits of self-service technology for their contact center operations.

Customize waiting experience

Our PBX system provides options such as estimated wait time, queue position, custom announcement and advanced Queue call back option.
You can automatically announce estimated wait times for callers, establishing the company’s reputation for service excellence. You can also offer a customized menu of options to customers waiting in line, including the ability to listen to music from the company playlist. These features increase the customer experience in many ways, from minimizing their overall waiting time until reaching an agent to providing a perception that only a few people are on hold.

Tweak Call Flow

Our PBX systems allows you to identify queue traffic trends at a glimpse in the queue panel and adjust agent staffing and call dispatching to enhance call center effectiveness. Our flexible call routing features let you implement IVR, predictive dialing and outbound dialing all on one system, so when top priority calls do come in, they can be immediately transferred to the agents most likely to handle them. It’s designed with an intuitive interface for easy monitoring of your call queues and fast/easy phone configuration.

Access agent monitoring

Our advanced business phone systems allow you correct agent behaviors through features such as whisper coaching, silent monitoring, call barge in and call recording. Silent Monitoring coupled with call barge in allows supervisors to silently engage with agents and take control of calls if necessary.

Quality Assurance

Our PBX systems allow you to Manage your resources and infrastructure on a single platform for more collaboration, transparency, and faster problem-solving. The solution helps you identify key performance indicators (KPIs) & business risks before they impact service level agreements (SLAs). Additionally it allows you add custom alerts to be sent to team members, customers, or executives with custom email & SMS notifications (which include links to Wallboard dashboards).

Customer Satisfaction Survey

Our PBX systems helps your agents grow and improve with actionable insights delivered directly from in-depth post-call surveys and customer satisfaction reports. This system uses advanced machine learning algorithms to evaluate a caller’s mood (angry, frustrated, happy, or positive) and extract key information from their voice. It then presents this data to your agent for meaningful analysis after their call ends

SIP Standard

SIP trunking is a VoIP service that connects your existing PBX system to the internet A SIP PBX trunking is a direct virtual connection between two infrastructures, that is: your PBX equipment and VoIP.

SIP is cheaper on a per channel basis, more flexible in terms of what telephone numbers you can have and where you can have them. It is  quicker to install and can offer a very robust business continuity service that ensures your business never loses calls. In terms of flexibility, SIP trunking enables your business to readily scale up or reduce the number of channels that are required, for example, in response to fluctuating seasonal demand.

This innovation is increasingly gaining traction as it offers enterprises larger control over their digital interactions. SIP enables organizations to manage specific features internally such as:

  • Call routing
  • Cloud based service
  • Cloud based systems
  • External calls
  • Internal calls

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