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Business Phone System Solutions for Schools & Universities

The advantages of using advanced business phone system solutions for your schools means that, adopting this technology can be a critical factor for your school to get ahead in its education system, providing the ability to share data and have easy access to it without any call drops.

Using our advanced PBX solutions, your institution can witness surprising changes and enhancement of productivity, data sharing and integration with other systems within the premises of your school.

Key Benefits

Unified Communications

Our PBX systems are designed to deliver innovative cloud and on-premises solutions to lower your communication costs, improve operations and productivity, and increase customer retention.


Our PBX Systems have the latest technology in security, having been integrated with other surveillance systems such as SIP cameras, door phones and other surveillance systems. This protects your institution with voice and surveillance combined


With Linkus UC’s advanced VoIP services, your staff members can access your school system’s voice mail and phone call features. Students and teachers who have an Internet extension can access features such direct station dialing and have access to virtual classrooms.

Instant Communications

Allows you to Enhance multi-campus and student-teacher communication with audio and video conferencing calls. Using the school’s directory, teachers and students can find people by searching their name, department, email address, title, etc. The program is easy to manage and operate, making it much more accessible than traditional video conferencing systems.

Scheduled Paging

Allows you to Set recurring paging to auto-broadcast custom prompts or notifications at specific time and days of the week. This enables you Set up a bell schedule for class breaks (i.e., recess, lunch, and PE) every school day. Additionally, it helps your staff receive reminders instantly with the spoken announcement of student names, classes, and grade levels by class code.

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