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Business Phone Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

From hospital rooms to nursing homes, and from clinical research centers to assisted living facilities, unified communications is proving itself as an invaluable technological asset for communication efficiency in the healthcare industry.

Our PBX System, either cloud-based or on-premises, comes with a strong presence in unified communications that empowers a mobilized workforce, elevates team collaboration while reducing overhead  costs

Main benefits of our PBX systems include:

  • Maintain seamless communication between staff members and doctors
  • Enhance patient experience with quick responses. .
  • Mobile UC app provides rapid collaboration

Key Benefits

Seamless integration

Perfectly integrates with other applications such as CRM, Outlook, Paging system, etc. Furthermore, it offers Increased productivity through streamlined workflow and business mobility along with full flexibility to fit the changing needs of your organization

Simple Management System

Point-and-click configuration allows your operators to easily manage calls and system settings. In addition to, the system facilitates high-quality, cost-effective communication between employees, suppliers and customers by selecting from a range of affordable, user-friendly hardware.

Enhanced Security features

Our PBX systems use an industry-standard encryption and security mechanism ensure privacy and system security, so you can rest assured that your important data is safe. It’s all based on a unique systems architecture for hardened security, which includes tamper-proof protection for each individual bit. You can now keep all your communications encrypted, safe, and be confident that no one can access your private information without authorization.

Robust Features

Fully automates the Front Office and supports real-time business processes. It also guides your callers through the business process quickly and efficiently. And all calls can be recorded, monitored and archived. It offers a wide range of features to enhance team efficiency, including auto attendant, call recording and call transfer.

Real time presence

Real-time online presence tells patients when their doctor or specialist is available, and when they will be back.

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