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Solutions for Hotel Business phone systems

At Call Experts, we provide PBX systems that provide seamless communication and information management systems for the hotel industry in Kenya and greater African region.

Our systems offer comprehensive onsite solutions that help streamline operations and improve profits. With IP communication systems, your guests can experience voice and video communication at low costs while improving hotel staff collaboration.

Give your guests a premium lifestyle with our high-end PBX plans at a small cost of ownership. Save money while keeping your hotel in style without compromising quality with an integrated communication solution from Call Experts.

Some of the Key benefits of using our PBX systems in your hotel include:

  • Seamless integration: With Yeastar PBX, hotels can integrate with existing hotel equipment without phasing out traditional PBX systems.
  • Streamlined hotel management- PMS integration with hotel phone systems can help hoteliers streamline operations, unleash labor, store client data and many more.
  • Enhanced guest experience: Hotel staff can provide personalized services to client’s needs such as: scheduled wake up calls, switch to not disturb, etc.
  • Minimal operation costs: internal calls are free of charge as they are directly routing from the hotel phone system.

What is a Hotel Phone System?

Our hotel phone system (or hotel PBX) is the system that typically manages all the hotel’s internal and external telephone communications and its behavior.

Internal calls in hotel phone systems are typically calls between guests and the front desk or other hotel facilities as well as calls among hotel employees.

External calls include anything that goes outside of the hotel – including calls with potential customers, guests while outside of the hotel, suppliers, etc.

So, what makes our Hotel Business Phone Systems special?

There is an additional element to consider when talking about our hotel phone system, which is different from any other phone system which is- its users are temporary guests that are being served and charged for those services. Hotels manage their guests and services through a PMS (Property Management System) that handles everything from making reservations, to checking in and charging the guests

Here At Call Experts, we offer interoperability between the PMS and the phone system, so that, while your hotel staff do their day-to-day work on the PMS, the phone system is automatically updated with the status of the extensions (rooms) guests and so on. In addition, our phone system reports phone usage to the PMS so that your hotel may charge your guests accordingly.

VOIP Hotel Phone System

Selecting the best hotel phone systems can be an integral element in improving efficiency, profitability, and excellence of customer care. At Call Experts, we provide VoIP solutions for hotels of any size that are looking for a phone system to satisfy their business, operational and customer support needs.

With Our VoIP Hospitality Phone Systems, hotels can manage all their sites centrally, simplifying administration and eliminating duplication of infrastructure. This is essential when it comes to large hotel groups with sites in numerous locations throughout Kenya or Africa, as it enables them to deal with group reservations and customer inquiries

Vital Features of Our Hotel Phone Systems

Updating room status

Your hotel personnel can update the room status by dialing a code in the room’s extension. The status is automatically updated in the hotel PMS. providing the hotel staff with a real-time view of room status.

Schedule wake up calls

The front desk of your hotel can set up a wake-up call to a hotel guest directly from the PMS and the hotel phone system will be automatically updated accordingly

Updating the Mini bar

The minibar status of your hotel can be updated by simply dialing the codes for the replenished items using the room’s phone. This information goes to the PMS to be used in providing the final bill to the guest.

Do not disturb feature

Your hotel guests may ask the front desk not to allow incoming calls to their room. Again, the hotel staff will update this guest-status in the PMS and the PMS will automatically inform the hotel phone system of the new status

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