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Business System Phone Solutions for Retail industry

Communication between stores, suppliers, warehouses, buyers, and sales teams is vital for creating better customer service and supply management.

As  traditional telephone system with soaring maintenance costs being unable to meet the needs of the retail chain, a reliable phone system is essential to ensure the smooth operation of your business and improved customer experience. Having a reliable phone system is no longer an option; it’s a necessity.

Let us guide you through this changing landscape and recommend the right solution for your business.

Key Benefits

Provides Statistical Reports

Our PBX systems offer a call statistics feature that provides you with comprehensive insights into all the calls you have made to or received from clients. You receive accurate information on the time when the call was made, duration of the call, cost per minute, and total duration. Additionally, the information is presented in an accessible, accurate and easy-to-decipher format.

Integrated Communications

Our PBX solutions provides your staff with an intuitive solution that lets them make and receive calls to and from their cellphone or office desk, wherever they are at any time. It additionally enables seamless call control, live screen share and video collaboration, online and offline call recording and automatic response to email

Multi-site connections

Our high-quality PBX systems keeps all your branch stores connected as easily as you could think of a powerful yet cost-effective solution brings direct internal communication between all company extensions across all branches. As a business owner, you can keep your employees connected and increase their productivity through extensive solutions for different business demands.

Interactive Voice Response

The IVR system distributes incoming calls among your staff, who can answer customers or direct them to a live agent. It also allows your organization to record custom messages, re-direct calls and allow callers to leave messages for the required destination. The IVR ensures greater visibility for customer support requests, thanks to better distribution of incoming calls.

Communication features

Our PBX system introduces a feature-rich VoIP communication solution, including voice over IP communications, call queues, call recording, call center, video conferencing, etc. Additionally, the interface is intuitive and has been designed to provide the most efficient user experience available in the market.

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