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Business Phone System Solutions for Transport

For most transportation companies, having a distributed workforce is a common reality. To overcome this challenge, it’s vital to establish reliable mobile communication with staff off and on the road. Our PBX systems deliver the most advanced user experience with our Linkus UC clients and cloud-based easy-to-use interface.

You will have access to all your business communication tools in one system plus enjoy high availability, reliability, and security. Put our PBX systems to the test by signing up here for a free trial!

Key Benefits

Easy integration

Our business phone solutions are compatible with various systems and can help you increase productivity and reduce costs. It integrates seamlessly with various IP & PBX traditional systems. Additionally, it can also integrate with other management systems such as ERP, OA & CRM. This VoIP solution provides seamless integration between any computerized telephone service, allowing users to make phone calls via the Internet as easily as using a landline.

Swift installation

IP based Yeastar VOIP PBX systems that are simple to install and can be easily set up and managed with a GUI web interface. The installation is all managed by a graphical web interface, which is also where you manage all the system devices, settings, and features. This approach makes it quick to deploy new users, new lines, and new locations.

Easy maintenance

Basic network knowledge such as an IP address, password, and command line tools are sufficient to conduct daily management and maintenance of a single portal device, thanks to our easy-to-use PBX systems. One can quickly check the status of system devices with a customizable dashboard to notify unexpected behavior. 24×7 system logs are also there for your inspection whenever you need it.
You can easily roll out software updates on all your devices from one location. Backup and restore is also simple with its centralized location.


Your drivers and transport crew can communicate on the move, wherever they go thanks to our PBX systems that are compatible with any smartphone or PC. It additionally allows them to receive calls directly on their smartphone or headset, review customer information, and easily send SMS messages

Built in features

Our PBX system possesses features such as conferencing, video call, call recording and paging which enhances communication efficiency. Now you can conduct virtual meetings with your team, vendors, and clients anytime and anywhere, saving you time and money!

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