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Yeaster P-Series

Yeaster P-Series

The P- Series empowers SMEs with the required tools catered towards servicing their businesses. It merges voice, mobility, instant messaging, and file sharing, so users can put information into context. The P series merges third party communication resources which comprises of IP phones, CRM, and other collaboration tools.

The P series is offered in 3 versions namely: P550 which has 50 users, P560 100-200 users, and P570 300-500 users. Some of the unique features offered in the P-series include:

  • After hour support
  • Call recording
  • Call routing
  • Call monitoring
  • Remote extension

A summary of the features for the basic, enterprise & ultimate plan include:

Deployment plan

Basic Plan( Appliance)

Enterprise (Appliance, Soft, Cloud)

Ultimate Plan (Appliance, Software & Cloud)

Business features

After hours

Call recording

Microsoft teams integration

Call recording

Telephone features

Call monitoring (listen,

whisper, Burge in)

Call transfer

Call forwarding


Administration & Security

Web based management & User portal

Extension group

Back up & restore

Trouble shooting

Unified Communication

Linkus web client

Audio conferencing

Unified messaging

Switch business hours

Call center

Switch board-type que panel

Insightful call center reports

Que-call back for reduced call abandonment

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